Resisting Your Adversary

“Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith . . .” (1 Peter 5:8-9).

When we are converted to Christ we get enlisted in a war. The war was going on before our conversion, but we were (unwittingly) fighting on the opposing side of Christ. But things have changed now. And whether we like it or not we have to daily wake up to the battle.

And this battle is at a fundamental level, our desires. The things we long for and love. These will be the things that steer our lives away from or toward God. And in this battle the devil wants to devour us like a lion by awakening sinful desires through our flesh. He wants to create environments that will cater to our sinfulness and lead us to sin.

But the counsel we get here from God’s word is to RESIST HIM! Don’t give him the time of day. Resist the temptations he throws at you, firm in your faith.

DevotionsMatt Harkey