God's Great and Awesome Deeds

Great and amazing are your deeds, O Lord God the Almighty . . .” (Revelation 15:3).

While we are getting a small window into a scene in heaven at this point in the book of Revelation, what is said in the song of vv. 3-4 is nothing short of praise, on which we would do well to reflect.

As we focus on just v. 3 we see some words used to describe the works of God, words that we tend to use rather flippantly in our casual, daily discourse. But we need to recapture these as they are descriptive of the deeds of the God of the universe.

First, God’s deeds are great. Growing up at the edge of the millennial generation, I have been exposed numerous times to the cereal commercial with Tony the Tiger. “They’re great!” It’s unfortunately true that when I read about someone being great, I hear that tagline in my head.

But maybe there’s something redeemable here to help me think about the greatness of God…? If Tony’s cereal is great then it must be better than good, right? There are other cereals out there that are good. But Tony’s is great!

In the realm of deeds there are good deeds and there are great deeds. To my knowledge there is no place in the Bible where a human’s deeds are described as great. Only God’s. That makes the deeds of God worthy of the greatest reflection. For who alone can create the enrapturing beauty of a sunset, the strapping wonder of the starry sky, the glistening waterfalls off steep cliff edges? Who alone can provide the satisfactory atonement of the Lamb and perform the terrify judgments. Yes, God is worthy of praise, even in his judgments. God is great!

Second, the song of vv. 3-4 tells us of a God whose deeds are amazing. Pause. How many times do you hear amazing in a given day? Okay, maybe you can’t remember. But you could probably say, “It’s a lot.” We hear this word amazing all the time. I use it often, too. Truth be told, I overuse it.

But suppose we could rightly use this word. Wouldn’t we use it when something someone says or does creates within us wonder? When our hearts are transported out of the mundane and into the extraordinary? We most certainly would use it rightly under those circumstances.

That is how God’s deeds are described. They are amazing! They produce within God’s people (at least they should) a response that issues in amazement.

So, how is the song of our hearts? Is it like the song in Revelation 15:3-4? If so, we will live today with an awareness of the greatness of God’s deeds, unlike any other’s. And we will respond in amazing at his marvelous works. Let’s do that today.

DevotionsMatt HarkeyComment